Two Down…

MLS: Portland Timbers vs Orlando City
April 12, 2015; Portland, OR, USA; at Providence Park. Photo: Craig Mitchelldyer-Portland Timbers

With two of Minnesota United’s three preseason games against MLS sides at the Simple Invitational, I have 5 simple thoughts going into their final match on Saturday:

  1. Sammy Ndjock better not get get hurt or need a break at any point during this season, because Kristian Nicht looked ancient and confused out there Wednesday against the Chicago Fire.
  2. Can any of the 7 forwards put a shot on goal. I can think of 2 times that Christian Ramirez has been near the ball and those were midfield assistance touches. Ben Speas looked exhausted out there and doesn’t look like he could even put 60 minutes of solid play together. The two Dans (Cruz and Mendes) have shown moments of spark, but that’s about it. Bernardo Anor looks dominant when he gets the ball, but hasn’t seen it enough to shine. Lastly, didn’t we sign a guy named Pinho?
  3. With the current roster, what in the hell formation is Carl Craig going to use? We’ve only got 4 defenders currently signed to contracts with two midfielders potentially good enough to fill in if need be. Meanwhile, the rest of the midfielders seem to have forgotten they can pass forward. And as stated above, none of our forwards seem to want to score. I’d love to see a 4-2-3-1, but I just don’t know how it’ll happen with the current roster.
  4. Did MNUFC dray the short straw (since we aren’t in the MLS yet) and have to wear their sky blue away kits for every game of this tournament? I used to like these kits, but on TV everyone just looks like a bucket of water has been dumped on them before the run onto the field. Or maybe it’e just REALLY warm in Portland and I had no idea.
  5. Is this group of games ultimately going to prove just how unprepared Minnesota is to enter Major League Soccer? After two games, they’ve let 8 goals in and scored 0. Nothing on the field has shown that is going to be different against Vancouver tomorrow. How much roster overhaul is going to be needed going into our first MLS season (hopefully) next year?

Apparently I’m not very happy with the team so far…



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