ManiCREST Destiny

us-soccer-crest-2016Jake’s Thoughts:

After twenty-one years, the United States Soccer Federation went and got itself a new crest. I don’t know what people thought of the old one, but ESPN’s Doug McIntyre described them as “dated and oft-maligned.” It was definitely a little on the garish side and there was way too much going on. I kind of liked it, though. “Garish with too much going on” has been a pretty great description of the United States since World War II, so I was down with it.

Still, I like the new one quite a bit. The colors are better aligned with the American flag, it’s simple and clean, I dig the font, and the symbolism is spot-on. It’s definitely an improvement from the old kits, although I think I can do them one better…

Proposed USSF Logo

Dylan, Syd, what do you think about the USSF’s new crest? And on a scale of “mostly” to “completely,” how much better is mine?

Dylan’s Thoughts:

I’ll say one thing, it looks good on a scarf. As proven by the fifty thousand people that posted to twitter wearing their new USNT crest scarf. Where’s mine!? I have twitter.

Upon first hearing about the new crest, I had thoughts of “Classic U.S” and “Of course we need a crest change, ‘cause we gotta sell more kits”. Both of which had serious tones of sarcasm. Could you tell? Maybe I’m just out of touch, but how often do other countries change their crests? Why can’t crests just be the country’s flag? Harumph.

(As a side note, while researching crest changes I found this article about BPL teams that I found fascinating, so I thought I’d share.)

I think the bottom line for me is that I miss the days of feeling loyal to something. Yeah, the crest looks more modern and definitely more aesthetically pleasing, but at what cost. Personally, I was just starting to get a sense of pride in the old one. Should I assume that we’re going to change it every 20ish years now? I sure hope not.

As far as your submission Jake, I’m in favor as long as we adopt the 40+ colors in it to be used on the kits as well. Hello, BROWN! Also, my favorite part is that you used the old MLS ball and not the new one. Take that Don Garber!

Sydney’s Thoughts:

My primary issue with the new crest is that someone at USSF wrote an obscenely large check for a  group of “artists and designers” to regurgitate the superhero theme that has saturated literally every aspect of daily life onto a jersey and call it a day. Now that I have established my disdain for the utter lack of imagination used in the creation of the new logo, I would like to throw my full support behind Jake”s masterpiece because it is “mostly” better, with 2 exceptions:  

  1. Is there any way to fit the words, “It’s been 47 years, but suck it Russia” on the space landing photo?
  2. I’m almost certain bleach blondes in daisy dukes are the female equivalent of bald eagles on a patriotism scale.



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