Seeing Blue

torontojerseyfrontback2016Toronto FC just released their away kits for the upcoming season and, for the first time ever, there is blue. Some of us might think that Toronto, as one of the three Canadian cities anyone needs to care about, is just trying to move in on America’s team colors. America’s top hat and all.

As I don’t have Twitter, I can’t (or won’t put in the effort to) gauge CanAmerican reactions. Mitchell Tierney at Waking the Red indicated that a bunch of people were upset.

Me? I’m down with it. Tierney called them mediocre, and I can understand where he is coming from. There’s definitely nothing crazy eye-catching about them. Still, they’re simple and clean. I tend to like white away kits more than hideous yellow kits or colors that seem to have nothing to do with the team. The blue is unobtrusive, adds a nice little highlight, and compliments the patterns on the MLS shield on the sleeve.

So, I’m down with these red, white, and blue kits. Of course, I also wear Wrangler jeans in public and can claim about three weeks’ worth of Toronto fandom. Oh and also, I’m going to bail super hard on them as soon as the Loons come to MLS. So maybe my opinion isn’t that important?



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