Rating the Power Rankings – MLS Week 5


Like many websites out there, ESPN does a weekly power ranking of MLS teams. This week, Jason Davis ranked Toronto FC at a very generous 7th. Cool. The catch here is that Real Salt Lake is right underneath Toronto at 8th, despite having more than twice as many points.

Dylan, what are your thoughts? How would you power rank this power ranking?

For me, this is similar to our discussion in episode 7 of the podcast on starting a player that is “proven” versus starting a player that shows up in practice.

I think that Jason Davis is putting too much stock into what exists on paper versus what has happened on the field. There are a lot of examples in which professional analysts do this to an extreme that creates a sports environment so cyclical and repetitive that it allows Brett Favre to retire several times.

For me, the team that has performed well, had luck fall their way, and has the results to prove it should always be on top.

However, it is possible that I am looking at this through the glasses of someone that’s never truly been great at any sport I’ve tried, but I’ve always been one of the hardest workers on the practice field.

Maybe one day I’ll be as cool as a Sporting.

I’m totally with you, dawg. Toronto has caught some bad breaks and some bad calls, but if things fell their way, they still have fewer points than RSL. If this is Week 1 or Week 2, sure. I’d put Toronto ahead of Salt Lake on potential. But by Week 5, we’re definitely in “proof is in the pudding territory.”


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